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Поздравления с Новым Годом на Английском Языке в стихах

Beautiful New Year’s day!
Are you hare with me to stay?
Magic snow flakes are falling,
Kids are playing, kids are rolling.
Let the happiness appear,
All the problems disappear,
Make a snowman today,
During this New Year’s day.

I wish you a Happy New Year,
wishing to hug and kiss you
this magic night.
All I want – is be near.
We’ve a lot gone through, so
let us this new year start something new.
I want to share my whole life with you,
to be till the end by your side.

We have been friends for very long,
Remember our childish songs?
We used to laugh, we used to play -
Why did those days just go away?
New Year’s here, lets have some fun,
And after all is said and done,
I want to drink this glass with you,
For making all the dreams come true!

I wish you Happy New Year,
full of joy and new emotions,
to live every moment with active motions.
I wish you to feel this amazing spirit,
when there is absolutely no limit,
when magic won’t let you go.
Let’s party, have fun and dance
let us spread fireworks to every soul.
Let’s say Happy New Year!

May all your dreams come true this night,
Let’s have a great snowball fight,
And dedicate it to New Year -
And celebrate it everywhere.
I wish you luck this happy day,
And all your troubles to go away.
Be good and strong, believe in God,
And He will bless your grateful heart!

May this New Year bring you a new life,
full of dreams, hopes and happy smiles.
Let yourself dream and make a wish.
Just cheer for the Happy New Year’s Eve!
Leave your past behind forget it.
Life is beautiful. Enjoy it.
Make of it a Happy New Year

Charming New Year has come,
Smell out of kitchen is yum,
Christmas trees are everywhere -
Bright and cool here and there.
With you to have all the fun,
Play in the snow and run,
Think of the days you were small -
And take it all, take it all.

Happy New Year!
My dear friend
A love to you
A health to you
To be with friends
And friends with you
And all the best
That life can give to you!

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